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The applications we make contain highly technical components. This allows databases, payment environments and external systems, among other things, to be linked to the web application. An application developed by Codingo contains automatic updates, so that every user has the most recent version of the application.


A standard webshop or tailor-made, Codingo is the right partner. With years of experience and extensive technical knowledge, we are able to develop your webshop to the processes and objectives of your company. No function is impossible, Codingo makes it for you.


A completely customized website is one of the many specialties of Codingo. We are happy to sit down with you to create a professional website from your ideas and our advice. The websites we create are innovative, personalized and include every feature you need to achieve online goals.

Mobile applicatie

Codingo develops unique, custom iOS and Android apps. To build an application that perfectly suits your company, we focus on the user experience and the objectives of your company.

Customer oriented, driven and a passion for coding

Codingo (formerly Interforce web development) is part of Interforce, based in The Netherlands and has been a leading specialist in web development since 2002. Codingo is customer-oriented, driven and professional. The cooperation with our customers is characterized by commitment, passion and technical expertise. We tailor our integrated approach to your wishes and ideas, resulting in high-quality, functional services.

Innovative & thoughtful

Codingo looks into the future, is aware of the very latest techniques for a tailor-made product.

Fast & technical

The Codingo team is young and driven. Fast and technical work is our strength.

Always complete solutions

Codingo does not do half work. We always develop complete products to promote business goals.

Appropriate advice

We are a down-to-earth, no-nonsense company that is involved with every customer. That is why we always give honest and appropriate advice.

Our partners are also ready for you

In addition to our specialized and committed team, our partners are also always available. The power of our collaborations and joint enthusiasm
realize themselves in a professional and customized website, webshop, or mobile and web application.

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